• helena jane häber

    (yes, this is my baby photo.)

  • the little things

    Helena with eyes closed standing in front of Chicago skyline


    20 years old

    Based in Chicago, Originally From Phoenix.

    Studying at Columbia College Chicago.

  • filmography

    directing, producing, writing, editing

  • projects

    the latest and greatest!

    #WearOrange 2020 Documentary


    This 30-minute documentary, with the theme "Healing Through the Arts", was made for Wear Orange Weekend, June 5-7th, to bring awareness to the gun violence epidemic in America. We remember victims and honor survivors of gun violence, celebrate the strides we've made in passing gun reform and community outreach, and use the arts as a way of healing and fighting for a safer future.

    REPEAT - Short

    Writer & Director

    A female guitarist’s life unravels as she writes a new song that sounds eerily familiar.

    A finalist in the Columbia College Chicago TAKE ONE Film Festival.

  • Fast Foreword

    Written, Performed, and Recorded by the Sequels

  • what am I up to?

    @helenafromphx on all platforms